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Golf bag customs code

2022-06-27 00:30Golf membership card
Summary: What is the tax name and tax code of the plastic suitcaseRefers to various bags used to hold things Including suitcases or suitcases and similar containers, handbags (bags) or backpacks, leather faced
What is the tax name and tax code of the plastic suitcase
Refers to various bags used to hold things Including suitcases or suitcases and similar containers, handbags (bags) or backpacks, leather faced similar boxes or containers, plastic faced similar boxes or containers, textile faced similar boxes or containers, other boxes or bags and similar containersCustoms code query kneepad online, etc
6006210000 cotton knitted fabric (weft bleached, width > 30cm, elastic line < 5%) 6117900091 Crocheted knee protection cloth (containing 70% or more silk) 6117900049 knitted knee protection cloth (chemical fiber system and other knitted garment parts)
Which tax category does the cloth bag belong to
Cloth bags belong to category 18 of taxation. The classification of tax is as follows: according to the attribute of the tax object, it can be divided into turnover tax, income tax, property tax, resource tax and behavior tax; According to the different positions and functions of taxes in the tax structure, they can be divided into main tax and auxiliary tax; Take theGolf bag customs code entity form of tax revenue as the standardCanvas bag tax classification code - ask
Canvas bag tax classification code question Invoicing commodity name: leather and fur products * canvas bag answer please refer to the following: 10403030200000000 handbags (bags), backpacks do not include golf bags (bags) (see 10604060209 for details). Handbag, handbagWhat is the customs code of wooden furniture
95061100 ski shoes 95061200 ski shoes fasteners (ski shoes belt) 95061900 other ski tools 95062100 windsurfers 95062900 other water sports tools 95063100 complete golf clubs 95063200 golf balls 95063900 other golf tools 95064010 table tennis 95064090 other table tennisPlease consult the customs code of golf T-shirt
Customs code 61091000 product introduction » The company provides all kinds of high-end business T-shirts, logo T-shirts, polo t-shirts, golf T-shirts, Beijing T-shirts, which are good in quality, good in feel, fine in workmanship, absolutely high-end, group purchase and wholesale. Please ask for pictures, and welcome to contact us... Is golf cart and other similar cars OK? Can I use the customs code 8703101900_ Baidu
8703101900 commodity name and remarks that should be available: golf carts and other similar vehicles unit of measurement: vehicle export tax rebate: 15.0 import tariff MFN: 25.0 import tariff general: 150.0 export tariff rate: 0.0 import value-added tax: 17.0 consumption tax: 0.0 declaration element: product name; Brand (e.g
How to query the product number
For example, "dehydrated vegetable" is a common name. There is no hscode query result for "dehydrated vegetable" entered in many commodity code query tools, but if you query any product name of "dehydrated" or "dish", you can accurately find the hscode of the commodity required by "dehydrated vegetable" in the relevant results Another example: Golf tools hscodeWhat is the HS code of the wallet
4202920000 artificial leather golf bag for clothes removal PVC bag removal HS code 4202920000 golf bag with PU impregnated nylon artificial leather surface 4202920000 fine waist bag (plastic sheet or textile data surface) luggage import and export declaration common commodity code_ PVC packaging bag HS codeDoes class 28 sporting goods and equipment with registered trademark include table tennis rackets
Hockey stick 280048, golf bag with or without wheels 280061, sports net 280064, tennis court net 280065, sports racket 280081, sports bat 280081, racket 280081, table tennis table 280111, badminton 280116, Billiard Club 28012
Golf bag customs code

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