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Do Germans like to play golf

2022-07-01 06:39Bank golf card
Summary: Why do rich people play golf? Is golf nobleIt is not news that the rich like to play golf. But what makes them so interested in this game? It has always been a mystery. Today, we will put forward some
Why do rich people play golf? Is golf noble
It is not news that the rich like to play golf. But what makes them so interested in this game? It has always been a mystery. Today, we will put forward some convincing reasons to make golf irresistible to the rich, so as to break the mystery. People of all ages can play, no doubtWho likes playing golf
"In our country, 90% of the employees of foreign enterprises play golf at the beginning. Foreigners think golf is also a good means of communication. In order to better communicate and exchange, learning to play golfDo Germans like to play golf is a good way." Li Yong said. "Golf classes are offered in universities to better communicate with others in the future
Source of golf
This act is the first reference to a document on golf. But in fact, the ban did not play a very binding role at that time. Many Scottish youths are still keen on playing golf, but archery practice is getting worse and worse. Later, we did not pay attention to the banThe comparison of negotiation styles between the British and the Germans, or cultural differences, can be asked to be more detailed
When you go to England to do business, you can play golf several times. Many contracts are signed during playing golf. Generally speaking, except for a few exceptions, British hotels, restaurants and stores do not provide you with the same standard of service as the United StatesDo foreigners like playing golf
1. Golf is relatively popular in foreign countries. Just like a personal hobby, playing badminton, basketball and golf. Different people like different sports. See everyone's hobbies. 2. when golf was introduced into China, it became an aristocratic sport because of the misleading publicity and packaging. Therefore, our domestic playersWhy do so many people like playing golf
3. In China, it is true that only with economic strength can we afford to play golf at present, but the economic strength mentioned here does not necessarily mean that tens of millions of families are required. You can play golf above a well-off level. To make an inappropriate analogy, many people don't think much of losing 1000 yuan in mahjong, but this 1000 yuan is enough to play 27 holes of golfWhy do many people call golf the sport of the rich
You can't afford to play without money. In addition, the construction cost of the golf course is also very high, and the equipment for playing golf is also very expensive, and it needs to be replaced frequently. Basically, the golf course is a place for business or celebrities to invite friends to get together, and people who can go inI'm a German fan. I plan to study in Germany in the future. I don't know whether Germans like badminton or not. Can I find it
Of course you can find it. But Germans are very disciplined and punctual. When you go there and promise someone else, you must do it on time. It is said that a Chinese student politely said to a German, "come to my house one day.". D: OK, when. Chinese: in a few days. De: what day? Chinese: next weekWhat festivals and customs do you have in foreign countries
Most people in Europe and the UDo Germans like to play golfnited States play golf early on Sunday morning. Sometimes, they use the time to talk about business. A million yuan contract is often "a deal" on the court. But if you want to use this trick on Australians, I'm sure it won't work. Therefore, avoid asking them out to play on Sunday morningWhy do many rich people like to play golf
Besides, the golf course is expensive. The price of golf equipment is high. The per capita equipment is more than 5000 at the entry level, more than 10000 at the primary level, and tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands at the intermediate and high level. After playing for a few years, the golf equipment must be replaced. People with general income can not afford to play this kind of sport
Do Germans like to play golf

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